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Locksmith Service

We’re a highly-rated locksmith team in Woodinville, WA, known for our great work and experience. If you need help with locks and keys, we’re the ones to call. We offer a wide range of locksmith services at fair prices. Our experts are honest and won’t overcharge you, even in emergencies. Your satisfaction is our priority! Contact us for reliable and affordable locksmith help today.

Our locksmith team is here to help you anytime you need us. Our prices are now lower than ever before, and we always make sure to give you the best service at Nixtro Lock & Key. People often wonder, “How much does a locksmith cost when you’re locked out?” When we tell them our prices, they’re surprised because we offer lower fees compared to other companies. We’re here to provide great service at affordable prices.

We Have 35 Years of Experience in
Locksmith Service

Our emergency service is here for you 24/7! Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, we’re ready to help with your locks and keys. Our experts can do many things, like fixing locks, making new keys, or even changing locks completely. If you ever get locked out of your house, don’t worry; we’ll come to your rescue! We’ve been doing this for over 35 years, so we know a lot about locks and doors in homes. We’re like superheroes for your locks! You won’t ever feel stuck again with us around. We can fix any lock or key problem you have, and we’ll do it without breaking the bank. Lots of people in Woodinville, WA admire our service, and we’d love to help you too!


WHY CHOOSE OUR Licensed Locksmith?

Our team is here to help you in the best possible way. We work hard to stay updated with the latest technology and industry changes, so you always get the top-notch service you deserve. Our technicians are not only experts but have also passed background checks, so you can trust us completely.

With 35 years of experience, we’ve proven ourselves time and again. You can rely on us to keep your belongings safe. When it comes to customer service, we’re truly dedicated. Whether it’s securing your home, business, or vehicle, or finding innovative solutions, our certified locksmiths are here to assist you with a friendly and helpful attitude.

Certified Technicians

Choose us for locksmith services because our team consists of highly skilled and certified technicians with extensive experience in the locksmith industry.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At our locksmith service, we invest in cutting-edge technology and tools to deliver top-notch services.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in transparent pricing and strive to provide cost-effective solutions without hidden fees.

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